Marvin "Krondon" Jones
Tobias Whale

Tobias Whale in “Black Lightning”

Marvin Jones plays the villainous Tobias Whale, a cunning, ruthless, self-hating, black albino and leader of the street gang The One Hundred, in The CW’s hit drama “Black Lightning.” This former dirty elected official, whose political career was ruined when Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) was just a child, was forced to go underground to pursue criminal activity full-time.

Born and raised in South Central LA, solo rapper and Strong Arm Steady (SAS) front man Krondon recently released an impressive independent project, “Everything’s Nothing” which features standout tracks “7 Eleven” and “Lean On Me,” capturing the essence of the west coast with his Feel Good records. In addition to his work with SAS, the rapper has written for a number of artists including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Xzibit, just to name a few, and in 2003 independently released a successful collection of cuts entitled “The Beginning Of.”

Krondon has distinguished himself in the rap game by standing out with more than just lyricism alone. His unique voice and dynamic look has helped him to create a lane all his own. He states that having Albinism has been his biggest blessing because “it always set me apart and forced me to set myself apart, above and beyond the average.”

Krondon is currently based in Los Angeles.


























October 2019