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Olivia Swan




Astra Logue on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”


Olivia Swann stars in The CW’s hit series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” as Astra Logue.  After being dragged to Hell as the result of a botched exorcism by John Constantine, Astra grew from a terrified little girl into a sharp, domineering adult who craves power to ensure she’ll never be helpless again. Now out of Hell and a full-fledged Legend, Astra is navigating her unpredictable powers and her responsibility to the timeline without the support of her mentor, John Constantine. But Astra has always done things her way, and if the choice lies between protecting history or her friends, then the timeline be damned. Damned isn’t such a bad thing if you’re Astra, after all.


Swann trained at East 15 Acting School in London for three years. She starred in an episode of the long running UK series “Doctors” and played the lead role in the UK Tour of “Dracula.”

October 2021